Crime victim gives credit for help through ordeal

I would like to give a huge thanks to many people in the community: the Cortez Police Department, the detectives, the wonderful staff at Denis Morita State Farm, Steve Keetch Motors (body department), the students at M-CHS, Girl Scout Troop 4422, M-CHS Marching Band, friends, family, and the community. I would like to thank the above people for all the support they have given me through the whole ordeal that we have gone through proceeding to my vehicle being stolen; however, my car was not just stolen, but also turned into a very complicated case due to it being recovered as a crime scene.

I hope no one else ever has to go through the same callings I did; in fact, there are a few ways to avoid this: don’t leave your car unattended, lock it, or even perhaps stay with it. This could happen to anyone just as it happened to me. I thought “Oh, it will never happen to me,” but it in fact did and it changed me; now I am a believer. I would like the community to know how much I really appreciate the support it has given to me.

Thank you,

Randi Lewis