Sorry excuse for a road II


My husband and I live on Road H between roads 25 and 27. We were inspired by Catherine Spencerís letter to the editor. We also have a new car that has been damaged and a 2007 truck that has three chips in the windshield by people not observing the speed limit. After the county installed all of the new drain pipes, they havenít returned to water, grade or in any other way maintain the construction zone. Day by day, the road worsens by washboarding and sinking of the ground where the drain pipes were installed. There is no presence of law enforcement to enforce the new speed limit of 30 mph, and people continue to use the road and drive in excess of 40 mph, throwing rocks, dirt and dust in every direction. Iím sure that anyone who lives in this construction zone could shovel the dust out of their home by the bucketload.

It is a shame that the county road department cannot or will not maintain a construction zone until its conclusion!

Vicki Blackman

and Harry Blackman