Not a grave digger or a pot hunter


I or we are not grave diggers or pot hunters. Proof of this is obvious. The grave that was found four or five years ago is still intact. Federal agents have their own definitions of words in the English language. I am a research scientist. Not many around here understand this. I have co-authored 10 scientific articles published in the literature. I have seen many ruins and am always thinking of research possibilities. I have thought of two research projects that I would like to have studied that should help understand this civilization better. The system did not help me very much.

I have been a site steward for over 10 years and attended many meetings. All meetings have emphasized the laws involving ruins. The laws are clear in protecting ruins. This is good. We must protect this old civilization. Never did I hear about a possibility of getting permission to study ruins. I got the impression that only archaeologists could do anything with ruins. Archaeologists do a good job excavating and recording data but they do little in research studies.

Harry Hance