Bureau releases May-end status of local reservoirs

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation recently released the May-end status of local reservoirs Jackson Gulch and McPhee.

Jackson Gulch reservoir live content stood at 8,278 acre-feet with a 9,948 acre-feet maximum capacity and a 9,442 acre-feet average (1981-2010) end-of-month content. At Jackson Gulch, a daily maximum/minimum of 75/26 cubic-feet-per second was released into the Mancos River, and 3,739 acre-feet were released for municipal purposes.

McPhee Reservoir live content stood at 338,165 acre-feet, with a 381,051 acre-feet maximum capacity and a 344,645 average (1981-2010) end-of-month content. At McPhee, 3,132 acre-feet were released into the Dolores River, and 44,059 acre-feet were released for trans-basin purposes. At McPhee, a daily maximum/minimum of 55/48 cubic-feet-per-second was released into the Dolores River.

Questions can be directed to the Southern Water Management Group, Resource Management Division of the Western Colorado Area Office, Durango, at 385-6523.