Dancers appreciate supportive community

While doing some errands a week after our annual dance recital, we were approached by 6 different people to tell us how much they enjoyed the show but more importantly, how surprised they were by the behavior of our dancers. We received compliments on their hard work, kindness, helpfulness, dedication and respect that they showed adults and each other. We have also received a lot of support and donations from residents and local businesses for our competition team. This town was also willing to help support 3 dancers who qualified for Nationals and who will be traveling to Ohio later this month! All too often we only hear about the bad things that kids do today. We know there are some pretty amazing kids out there and we are so happy that there are people out there who also recognize and appreciate this! We are privileged to work with some of these amazing kids, but so proud and grateful to live and work in a community that also recognizes and is thankful for these amazing kids!

Kristen Dennison and Rachel Robson

Suzanne’s School of Dance