Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to the Sheriff’s Office to meet with a woman in reference to a stolen debit card, which belonged to both she and her son. They believed it was possibly stolen from a local gas station when the son may have left his wallet there on the countertop after paying. The son said that he did not think that someone used the card to make any purchases, so he did not report it to the bank as stolen. Nineteen days later, the son received a notice of an overdraft on their account and found out that someone had been using the debit card for multiple charges beginning five days after he lost the card. The unauthorized charges total $497.28. The incident is under further investigation.

cortez colorado A deputy U.S. Marshal contacted a local deputy about a sexual offender in the Dolores area who had failed to register with the Sheriff’s Office as a sex offender as required by Colorado law. The deputy spoke with a local construction company general manager who stated that the subject had been allowed to live in a mobile home located on the property, and the subject had listed this location as his address on his driver’s license. The deputy was informed that the subject had worked full time for the company and was terminated due to a DUI in April. A felony warrant for arrest is being pursued for the subject for failure to register as a sex offender.


cortez colorado A deputy contacted a woman in reference to a laptop that was stolen. She stated that she had last seen it inside her residence on her coffee table at around noon, and noticed it missing when she returned several hours later. She had gone to visit friends, and one of them was not at their residence when she was there, which she thought was strange. After returning home and finding her laptop missing, she believes that the male friend went to her house while she was with his roommate. She also believed he had done it because he is the only person who would know how to get into her house through the doggy door. She stated that when she had returned home, something she had propped up in the door was pushed out of the way and the back door was unlocked, and she was sure she had locked it before leaving her house. The deputy was able to locate some evidence. The deputy spoke with the two friends, who said that the male roommate had left to go for a walk before she arrived, and the reporting party had left before he returned. They said that they knew she was coming over because she called them first. Both friends denied knowing anything about the stolen laptop and said that the reporting party keeps accusing them of stealing her things every time she finds something missing.

cortez colorado Dispatch put out a radio report of an SUV that was called in as being stopped in the middle of a county road with the female driver asleep at the wheel. The vehicle had then been observed driving south. A deputy was heading to the location the vehicle had last been seen, when he saw it coming towards him in his lane of travel, and both he and the SUV had to take evasive action to avoid hitting each other. The deputy turned around and activated his emergency lights in an attempt to pull the SUV over, but it would not stop. After he also turned on his siren, the SUV continued to travel an additional distance before pulling over. The deputy contacted the female driver, who exhibited several signs of intoxication, and a male passenger, who appeared to be sleeping. The female advised that she did not have a valid driver’s license, and the male provided an ID card. Dispatch advised that both subjects’ licenses were revoked, with the female on pretrial release on a felony charge she was out on bond for, and the male had been flagged for “Use Caution” and that he was known to carry a firearm. The female said she had drank 4 beers, and failed voluntary roadside maneuvers, and refused to give a breath or blood sample. She denied that there were any firearms in the vehicle, but admitted to having two bullets in her pants pocket and said that there was a rifle in their motel room. She said it was an AK-47 and it was hidden between the mattress and the box springs. She apologized to the deputy for almost hitting him head-on. The female was charged with felony bond violation, DUI, and driving with a revoked license. Another deputy located an SKS rifle at the motel and a receipt showing that the male had rented the motel room where the rifle was located. The male was charged with possession of a weapon as a felon. The bullets in possession of the female were placed into evidence.


cortez colorado A deputy spoke with a female reporting party at her home about an attempted identity theft. An unidentified person had filed a tax return with the IRS using her social security number in an attempt to steal the woman’s identity. Her tax accountant had contacted her to inform her that he had received a letter from the IRS, which had become suspicious of the return because the unidentified individual had used the social security number as their primary number. The reporting party had contacted the IRS and filed an identity theft affidavit, and had also contacted the Federal Trade Commission.


cortez colorado A deputy made contact with a male and female subject leaving the scene of a possible disturbance. While trying to identify the individuals, the female provided the deputy with four different names and six different dates of birth in an attempt to avoid identification. All the variations of names and birth dates were either deceased or nonexistent. She was finally identified, and charged with false reporting.


cortez colorado A deputy patrolling a county road observed a vehicle turn onto the road and then pull over and stop. The deputy contacted the female driver and asked what she was doing sitting on the side of the road. She stated that she didn’t want to stay where she was staying anymore so she was going to sit on the side of the road. She exhibited several physical indicators of being under the influence of methamphetamines, and she admitted smoking three or four bowls of methamphetamine the day before while sitting outside a residence that she and a friend were about to clean. Another deputy found a soda can that had been altered into a marijuana pipe and a plastic bag inside of a cigarette pack with what appeared to be marijuana. The female denied she had any illegal items on her person. When she was taken to jail, and changed into a jail uniform, a deputy searched the clothing the woman had been wearing. He found more marijuana hidden in a pair of shorts the woman had been wearing under her pants. She was issued a felony hold slip for introduction of contraband in the jail, and was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.