DA fails to stand up stand up for child victim


DA Russell Wasley is showing us again what kind of prosecutor he is. Sadly, he’s done it in a case he’s mishandled before: the Dylan Kuhn child homicide. He has plea-bargained the case down from child abuse involving death to manslaughter. He is even dismissing the felony violation of bail bond conditions and DUI case Kuhn picked up last May while he was on bond for child abuse.

It is not as if it is a particularly difficult case to try; there is apparently a confession. The only thing the DA did to reduce it from the very serious felony of child abuse involving death it is to manslaughter is to remove the element that the victim was a child. If the DA won’t stand up for child victims, our most vulnerable victims, who will? Wasley owes the public an explanation; even if he lost the primary he will still draw his $130,000/year taxpayer-funded salary until next January.

The irony is that the article reporting the plea bargain was in the Journal on the same day as the story reporting that Wasley is paying for his recount out of his own pocket. Now there’s a DA who cares more about trying to keep a job he has never been fit to have than pursuing justice for a child.

Mac Myers


Via CortezJournal.com