2,700 pages of absolute denial of rights


This if for the two gentlemen who wrote letters saying those of us who disagree with what the government does should just leave if we donít like it.

My answer to them is very simple.Itís people like you who have leaned back, enjoyed anything you could get from the government without a thought for exactly who pays the tab. We, the taxpayers, pay the tab.We have a representative government.You seem to have forgotten what that means.Let me enlighten you in the hope you will once again join the majority and pay attention to exactly what your government entities have done to us over the last several decades.You hold those elected representatives feet to the fire and make sure they represent you and not special interests such as unions, environmentalists, super PACs, lobbyists or bundlers of enormous amounts of money.

As a voter and taxpayer, you have a responsibility to the taxpayers, not the government.I just hope you wake up soon from your slumber and instead of behaving as purveyors of the government line, look around you at the loss of liberties, property and freedoms and look at the devastation to the people, misery caused to the people and the regulations that prevent many from achieving their hopes and dreams. People who voted for Obama donít want to admit they made a mistake and when they reach 76 and have cancer will scream when they find out they wonít receive treatment.

For your own sake look into Obamacare, I know itís 2,700 pages of absolute denial of rights.Tind out how theyíre taking R500 billion ó thatís half a trillion ó out of Medicare to support the rest of Obamacare, and rationing oxygen is just the beginning.According to you, people on oxygen should just die and get out of the way.Of course thatís what Obamacare is all, about so you are following the party line.

Catherine Spencer


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