Rico’s historic water tank restoration nearly complete

Hello. The first item to be discussed is that we are going to honor a special Rico citizen with the “Nicest Person of the Week” award and that special person happens to be long-timer, Carole Rychtarik. Besides some of the other things she has been doing lately, this award belongs to her because she takes the time to call friends in Town, makes a list of vegetable and fruits they want, calls her friend Barbara who has a beautiful farm, gives her the order, drives over to Ridgway for a really nice lunch, loads up her truck with the precious produce and delivers right up to the front door. She says it is because she enjoys the lunch so much that she got into the farm truck business! This is a free-of-charge service, I might add.

The Rico Historical Society Board met this past week to do a little catching up regarding the various projects pursued this summer, with President Mike Curran presiding. Board members present were Mary Lou Milstead, Florence Ezell, Jim Baron, Carole Rychtarik and me. It looks like the R.G.S. water tank restoration project is just about complete. A huge footing was replaced under the tank, and a wrought iron safety fence was put in place. The huge cast-iron water spout was returned home to Rico after being baby-sat for many years by the Dolores Railroad Museum — and we certainly are indebted to that organization for doing this for us. Additionally, the willow trees had taken over the entire site and Mike and others chopped them down because “one could not see the trees for the forest,” so to speak, in spite of the huge water tank and all. There is now designated parking at the site and signage. It has been quite a trick to accomplish all this and we can thank Mike Curran for constantly pushing forward on this project.

Laurie and Dr. Harvey “Doc” Frame of Arizona and Rico are back for the summer; we know that it is becoming an effort to travel back and forth, but they are doing very well!

Rachel and Joe Kruetzer, also longtime members of the community, are also home for the summer. We understand that Joe is working on his already low handicap down at the Conquistador Golf Course in Cortez — we do know that “Doc” Frame was also an avid golfer at one time, but is taking it easy these days.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women’s Club and Rico Historical Society.

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