Family of Bill Mealing offers their heartfelt thanks

Compassionate friends and neighbors are such special people in our lives and we are so grateful for all the loving concern and encouragement shown to us since our beloved Bill (William C. Mealing) departed this life. We’re grateful for those friends who traveled long distances — California, Wisconsin, Grand Junction, Denver, New Mexico and other areas — to be with us. For all the phone calls, visits, cards, flowers, hugs, food and donations to Hospice and other acts of kindness, we offer our heartfelt thanks, and to Jeanette Hart from Hospice, Andy from A-Med, John and Malaka Anderson, Rodney and Jamie Ritthaler, Manuel and Monica Balderrama, Donna Tanner, Patti Bell, the LDS Relief Society sisters, Paul Evans for prayers at the service, Linda Lowry and Beau Blakeley for their talks about Bill, Manuel Hart for his memories of Bill, Mike Preston who spoke of Bill’s life, world travels and accomplishments, for Charley Tate’s assistance at the cemetery, Ertel Funeral Home, and for all those who came to share their time with us after the service. We are so blessed to live in this part of the world surrounded by such wonderful, caring neighbors and friends. God bless you all!

Jody Wilkerson Mealing and Joy D. Wilkerson