Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy responded to the Hollywood bar in reference to a report of a theft. He contacted a woman at the scene who told him that she set her purse down next to her fiance, who was sitting on a bench outside of the bar. The woman then walked away and mingled with other bar patrons. The fiance, unaware that the woman had set her purse down beside him on the bench, got up and walked away. About a half hour later, the woman went to retrieve her purse and it was gone. It was described as a cream-colored medium size Louis Vuitton purse containing a brown leather wallet engraved with her name, with $120 in cash inside and two prescriptions. No one at the bar recalled the purse or seeing anyone walk off with it. The deputy canvassed the area, looking in surrounding trash cans, but did not locate the purse or any of its contents. The Hollywood does have (had) survellance cameras and the deputy planned to get in touch with the manager to view footage.


cortez colorado On Aug. 3 between the hours of 8 to 11 a.m., someone cut power lines and removed two breaker boxes from private property. The owner of the property knew who had removed the breaker boxes because the person had been talking about taking them and selling them because he needed the money. The owner’s wife had come home to find the boxes missing and the suspect gone from the property. The owner also knew where the suspect had sold the boxes, because he had confirmed the sale when he spoke to a company prior to calling the Sheriff’s Office. The suspect knew about the boxes because the property owner had been allowing him to live on the property in a motor home. The suspect’s ex-wife had paid for the boxes and to have them installed so there would be electricity for the unit, but she did not own the power lines running from the boxes. The property owner estimated it would cost about $1,500 to repair the lines and replace the boxes, estimated to cost around $750. The deputy inspected the area where the boxes were removed and noted that the underground lines had been cut by what appeared to be some type of saw. The deputy tried to locate the suspect and his ex-wife at another known address, but it appeared that the residence had not been lived in for some time. Investigation of the matter continues.


cortez colorado A deputy was advised of a REDDI Report of a vehicle traveling west on Hwy. 160 from the Cherry Creek area. Dispatch also advised that the vehicle had run off the road several times and into the ditch. The deputy headed eastbound towards the area and observed the vehicle coming towards him and cross into the painted median area of the highway. The deputy turned around to follow the vehicle and saw it cross into the other lane of travel and then over the fog line. He activated his emergency lights but the vehicle continued on, and he observed it cross over into the oncoming lane of traffic with more than half of the car, and then cross back into its own lane. The deputy activated his siren in an effort to stop the car, which then pulled over. When the deputy pulled behind it, he observed that it kept rolling forward. After it stopped, the deputy yelled at the driver to shut the vehicle off. The deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver, the only person in the car, and he other physical indicators of intoxication. The driver admitted to drinking “a 40” in Durango and was on his way to Shiprock. After the driver failed to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers satisfactorily, he stated that someone had spilled beer all over him and had jumped out of the vehicle earlier. He was advised that he was the only person observed inside the vehicle. He was charged with DUI, and DUI over .08, and was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado A deputy conducted a welfare check on the driver of a pickup after the truck was observed traveling north on Hwy. 160 with a small sedan behind it. As the deputy’s vehicle caught up with the two vehicles, the pickup pulled to the shoulder of the highway, waited until the deputy passed, and then pulled back onto the highway behind him. The deputy stopped on the shoulder and allowed the pickup to pass him, and then pulled behind it again in an attempt to observe it being driven. The pickup pulled into the Eagle Claw Liquor Store parking lot, and the deputy had to continue on due to oncoming traffic. As he turned around, he observed the pickup pull back onto the highway, this time traveling south. The pickup turned off onto a county road, traveled a short distance and then pulled into a driveway at a residence. Due to his observations, the deputy believed that the pickup truck was trying to elude contact. The deputy observed the driver get out and allow a back seat passenger to get out and begin walking up to the residence. The deputy contacted the driver and immediately noticed the strong smell of alcohol coming from inside the pickup. When asked what he was doing, the driver said he was trying to stay away from him after noticing the deputy was behind him, and admitted to drinking two beers earlier. Additional deputies responded due to there being three occupants of the pickup and an additional person walking back to the truck from the residence. The driver then admitted to drinking two 40’s earlier, and failed voluntary roadside maneuvers. He was charged with DUI and left in the care and custody of jail staff. His driver’s license was confiscated.


cortez colorado A deputy traveling east on Main Street in Cortez observed a car turn eastbound from a side street, nearly colliding with the driver’s side of the deputy’s patrol vehicle, which had to swerve to avoid being hit. He also observed it weaving. As the deputy was about to initiate a traffic stop, the car abruptly turned on its left turn signal while simultaneously conducting an illegal U-turn across Main St. The car turned into the McDonald’s parking lot and the deputy initiated a traffic stop where the woman driving exhibited several physical indicators of intoxication and denied noticing that she had almost hit him. The deputy asked her if she had made a U-turn in an effort to avoid him, and she said that she was just tired and wanted to get a cheeseburger. She admitted to having a margarita at Angel’s, and apologized repeatedly, saying that she had been working all day and just wanted to go home. She did poorly on voluntary roadside maneuvers, stopping partway through and saying “nope, nope, I’m not going to do this.” When asked if she was unwilling to continue, she stated “yes, I just want someone to come get me, I’ll just park my car and won’t drive anymore, so now what?” She was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. She admitted to having two margaritas and having some Jell-O shots at Angel’s. Before transporting her to jail, the deputy asked her if she wanted him to retrieve her purse from her car to take with her, and she stated, “no, it’s not my purse, it’s not my car, nothing in that car is mine, except my dog.” Finding this inconsistent with observing her take her wallet out of the purse, the deputy asked her if there were any illegal drugs in the car. She again stated, “Nothing in that car is mine.” While searching the vehicle, the deputy found a small baggie containing what appeared to be methamphetamine residue, and on the passenger seat found a tin containing some pills. The vehicle was released to a friend, and the registered owner was contacted and notified of its location. At the jail the woman was asked about the baggie with the residue and the pills. She stated that she used to have a meth problem but not anymore because she got a job with the state, and that she didn’t know how long the baggie had been in there. She was issued a notice of revocation and charged with DUI/DUID and careless driving. The residue in the bag tested positive for meth, and the pills identified as acetaminophen. She was not charged for possession of drugs.