Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to Denny Lake Park in reference to a vehicle that was playing loud music and spinning “donuts.” The officer contacted an SUV that was leaving the park and the male driver admitted to spinning one donut and having his music too loud when he first arrived. He was given a warning and released. He was re-contacted a few blocks away after dispatch advised of a warrant for the driver’s arrest. He was placed into custody, and was found to have a glass pipe in his pants pocket commonly used to smoke marijuana. His mother was called and advised of what was going on, and arrived at the police station to pay $250 cash bond for her son’s release. He was issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a mobile home park in reference to a complaint of damage to a vehicle. He spoke with a woman who stated that the front 10 lug nuts, the center wheel covers and valve cores had been removed from her car. She stated that a neighbor had witnessed the female park manager and a male subject causing the damage and letting the air out of the tires. The vehicle was parked in the space in front of where she had her mobile home, which she had moved out and when she came back for the car, she found it disabled. The officer spoke with the witness who said that when he saw the incident, he told the park manager “that’s against the law” but they did not respond or stop what they were doing. The officer went to the park manager’s office and when he told her he needed to speak with her about the incident, she immediately stated that she and her boyfriend had done it at the request of her boss because the woman had left and owed back rent for the space, and they wanted to hold the car until she paid. The park manager was advised that this was an illegal act; she stated that she thought it was, but that her boss told her to do it. The boyfriend arrived and agreed to give the valve cores and lug nuts back. The officer returned them to the car’s owner, who said that three of the tires had been damaged by the air being let out of them and cracked the sidewalls, and estimated the damage at $375. The officer observed signs of “sun rot” on the sidewalls and the rubber was cracked. The park manager and her boyfriend were both issued summons for criminal mischief.

cortez colorado An officer spoke with someone at a residence about a complaint of theft from a vehicle at around 4 a.m. An unknown male had entered a woman’s unlocked car and stolen loose change and approximately 10 music CDs. The victim was able to provide a video of the suspect entering her vehicle that was parked in the driveway. The officer was able to obtain still images of the suspect and was able to obtain his name from someone who knew him. Two officers went to the suspect’s residence, and contacted a woman at the door who identified the person in the photo as her son. She had her son come to the door, and he was confronted with the photo, and admitted that it was him and he did enter the car with the intent to steal. He also admitted going into another vehicle nearby and got “some kind of radio, change, CDs and a jacket.” He threw the hoodie-jacket away in a nearby field. He denied stealing cigarettes from another vehicle that had also been reported. The parents of the suspect told the officer that he was on probation for a similar incident in which he had received a plea bargain, and that he had just gotten out of rehab and just release from house arrest. The suspect’s probation officer was contacted. The officer will also get in touch with two other neighbors who had their vehicles broken into in the same time period. The matter was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for filing of possible charges of 1st degree criminal trespass and theft.


cortez colorado An officer responded to a residence for a disturbance. He found a man on the telephone and his wife there, and there was blood on the floor between the kitchen and living room, and also on the face and arms of the man. When the officer asked him what happened, the man began rambling about how he had started it and that he deserved it. The officer asked him again to talk to him but the man continued to talk on the phone. The woman said that she witnessed her nephew holding the man around the neck with his arms while her daughter and son punched her husband in the face. The man interrupted the officer and his wife, and told her to go back inside and go to bed. The officer explained that he needed to speak to the witness, and the man said that she was not involved. The man then refused to talk with the officer about the incident, and said he wanted to speak with a different officer. Another officer spoke with the man’s daughter and son who had been punching him. She stated that her daughter had come home upset, so she went to her parents’ house to see what was going on. She said that when she arrived, her father got in her face and called her an obscenity. The daughter then punched him in the face, but her father continued with his verbal abuse. She said that she wasn’t going to put up with it and she was sick of it so she kept punching him in the face with a closed fist. The two males came over because the father started to attack her. The daughter stated that her father is a drunk and is abusive. The daughter had also been drinking. The mother had come out and had been unable to stop the altercation. The officer also spoke with the son, who gave a slightly different account of events, in that he and his cousin had gone in and pulled his sister off of his father. Summons were issued to the daughter, son and nephew for 3rd degree assault. All the parties were advised to stay away from each other.

cortez colorado An officer was requested to respond to Safeway for a report of a juvenile shoplifter. The loss prevention officer had observed a juvenile walk to the drink aisle and select two cans of an energy drink and then put the drinks down the front of his pants. The juvenile was with a friend, who went through the checkout stand and paid for his own drink he had selected. The juvenile was stopped as he was getting on his bike and attempting to leave. The juvenile was asked for the merchandise, and gave it back and went back into the store with the loss prevention officer. The juvenile gave his name and was very cooperative. Dispatch provided a phone number for the boy’s mother, and she arrived at the scene a short time later. The juvenile agreed with the loss prevention officer’s story of what had happened, and was issued a summons for shoplifting and a trespass notice barring him from returning to the store for one year. The boy signed the documents and was released to his mother.


cortez colorado An officer sitting in his parked patrol car at approximately 4 p.m. observed a vehicle heading south on a side street. As it turned west, it jumped the northwest curb and crossed the sidewalk and part of the grassy lawn. The vehicle continued westbound, passing the officer, and turned into the parking lot of Underwood Optical. The officer activated his emergency lights and contacted the vehicle, which had a male driver and a male and female passenger. The driver smelled of alcohol and exhibited other physical indicators of intoxication. He handed the officer an out of state driver’s license and a registration for the vehicle from a different state. He said that he didn’t know where the insurance info for the vehicle was because it belonged to a friend. The driver admitted to having two mixed drinks at Blondie’s. He failed voluntary roadside maneuvers and was arrested for further investigation of DUI. Photographs of the vehicle’s tire tracks going across the grass were taken for evidence.