Police Blotter


cortez colorado Dispatch advised officers of a call from a citizen who advised that he thought there was a drug deal happening in the Walmart parking lot, and a description was given of an involved SUV. Officers responded to the location and observed the vehicle parked on the east side of the parking lot. Two officers approached the SUV from the back on either side, and one of them saw a woman he recognized from previous contacts in the driver’s seat, as well as one of the two passengers, a male and a female. The driver was watching the approach of the officer in the passenger side rearview mirror and did not realize the other officer was watching her from the driver’s side as she frantically tried to put something under her seat. The officer reached through the window and pulled her upright to stop her from reaching under the seat, and she said “What, I’m not doing anything.” As she got out of the vehicle, her foot pulled her purse out and several prescription bottles fell out, with one of them containing a plastic bag instead of pills. The plastic bag contained methamphetamine, and the woman was handcuffed and placed into custody. The woman told the officer that she had just bought the meth from the “Mexicans” but she forgot that she put it in her pill bottle. The SUV belonged to a female friend that had loaned it to her. A search of the woman’s bag revealed two more plastic bags containing meth, 21 new plastic baggies, nine white Hydrocodone pills, 3 grams of marijuana, a digital scale and $503 in cash. She admitted to selling the methamphetamine and the majority of the cash had been made by selling the meth. There were also two meth pipes in the purse. The woman had prior convictions for possession of a schedule II controlled substance. She was charged with a felony for distribution of a schedule II by a previous offender, as well as several other drug charges. She was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado An officer on patrol observed a man and two women standing together in the corner of City Park drinking something out of a bottle. The officer contacted them and poured out the bottle, which turned out to be malt liquor. Dispatch informed the officer that one of the women had an active warrant for failure to appear on an assault charge. While the woman, who smelled of alcohol, was being handcuffed, she told one of her friends to grab her “blue ray.” The woman emptied her pockets for the officer and pulled out a clear plastic vial that had a multi-colored label on it and a green leafy substance inside, and asked the officer not to charge her with it. The man asked to speak with her for a moment, and the officer learned that the woman had drank more than two 40 ounce bottles of alcohol and was on pre-trial services barring her from drinking alcohol, and she had an ankle monitor. She claimed to have a medical marijuana card, but didn’t have it on her. The officer, who had previously thought the substance in the vial was marijuana learned from the label that it was called peach-flavored Kaptain Kush, and had “not for human consumption” on the label on the back. The officer believed the woman had been in possession of spice, aka salvia divinorum/synthetic cannabinoids. The officer returned to the jail to speak with the woman about the substance. She told him she had purchased it at a head shop in New Mexico. The officer explained to the woman that possession of the substance is a misdemeanor crime, and that he was adding it to her existing charges. The woman asked what it was, and it was explained to her that the ingredients in it were not for human consumption. The woman sighed and told the officer that she had smoked most of the vial already.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to the Rec Center about a male who was being threatened by another male. The reporting party stated that he had been outside of the building playing catch with his son, and a man he knew came out with his own kids and saw him and began yelling obscenities at him. He stated that the reason for this went back some time from when he had stolen something from the other man, but had since given him money and had replaced the item. An altercation had taken place outside of Safeway recently about the same issue, and the subject had been arrested at the incident for disturbing the peace. The son of the reporting party got out of the car, and was crying and very upset. Another officer had stopped the subject at another location. The subject told him that when he came out of the Rec Center and saw the reporting party, he thought that he glared at him and so he began calling him obscenities. He claimed that the reporting party had yelled obscenities at him and should get in trouble. It was determined that the subject was the aggressor, and he was issued another summons for disturbing the peace.


cortez colorado An officer responded to City Park to speak with two men who had just been involved in a fight at Front Row Seat. Officers had been in the area looking for the men and dispatch advised that one man was wearing a red shirt and the other was taking his shirt off and it looked like they were going to fight again. The officer arrived at the park to find four men standing near the stage area, and he drove into the park to contact them. Two of the men had been involved in the fight and were identified with Arizona state ID cards, and the other two men turned out to be good samaritans and had just given the two men new white t-shirts to wear. Dispatch advised that both men from Arizona were wanted on active warrants. Both men were handcuffed and a bottle of vodka they had on them was poured out. They were placed into the back seat of the officer’s patrol car to be transported to the jail. On the way, one of the men said he had a cramp and practically stood up in the back seat. The officer watched in the rearview mirror as he pulled out of his back pocket an open can of a juice-type alcoholic drink, the remains of which he and the other man attempted to share. The beverage ended up spilling in the back seat of the patrol car and all over them, making the patrol vehicle reek of alcohol. They were taken to the hospital for medical clearance and both men were belligerent and uncooperative, calling officers and the hospital staff “honkeys” and accusing them of being a part of the KKK. Both men were left incarcerated at the jail.


cortez colorado An officer at City Park was approached by a small child, who told him, while pointing at a pickup truck that was pulling out of the Welcome Center’s parking lot, “Those guys are driving drunk.” The officer asked the child if he had seen the driver drinking beer and the child said yes. The truck was observed turning onto Mildred St. The officer followed the pickup south on Mildred and then east onto Main St. The officer noticed the pickup weaving as it traveled down Main St., and it occupied the middle of the inside and outside lanes. The truck continued a block after the officer activated his emergency lights to pull it over, and stopped in the parking lot of the Giant gas station. The officer contacted the female driver, who exhibited several physical indicators of being intoxicated. She admitted to having a couple of beers. She was placed under arrest for further investigation of DUI, and dispatch advised that the woman’s license had been previously revoked for an alcohol offense. The male passenger, who was the owner of the truck, also turned out to have been drinking, and he made arrangements for a relative to come pick up the truck. The woman was charged with DUI, driving while under restraint (alcohol) and weaving. She was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado Dispatch aired a call at about 12:30 a.m. of a male reporting that he had been assaulted at Blondie’s by another male who had punched him numerous times. The victim, who had injuries to his face and a torn shirt, spoke with two officers and told them that while he was at the bar another male kept coming up to him. This male kept wanting to shake his hand and tell him that he was not part of the family anymore. The victim did not know the suspect or what he was talking about. He stated that while he was on the porch, the male approached and once again shook his hand, and then began punching him numerous times in the head. The suspect then left the bar and drove away in a pickup truck. An employee of the bar identified the aggressor, and the victim was then able to figure out that the male is someone who was dating a lady that is the mother of a girl he had children with, but he still didn’t know why the male had assaulted him. As of the date of this report, police were still attempting to locate the suspect.