Dolores Library announces Reading Program winners

The drawing for prizes for Summer Reading Program participants at the Dolores Public Library was held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18. Four-year-old Elle Baker drew the names out of the jar for 21 prizes including books, coupons for ice cream at the General Store, and $5 certificates at the Depot. The more logs readers turned in, the better the chances, and several children had more than one name drawn out. Winners included: Alden Adams, Camden Malloy (2), Jessica Lopez, Joseph Mecham, Alex Mecham, Ashlyn Mikkelson, Hayden Tallmadge, Annaluna Grandt (3), Faith Gates, Jolie Brisbin (2), Nayana Wilderson, Korgan Weber, Autumn Steinberger (2), Aaron Hackett (2), and Kylie Breitenbach. Then the names of only those children who had turned in all five reading logs was put into the jar. Osprey Packs donated two backpacks which went to Robin Primeau and Hayden Tallmadge. The lucky winner of the ipod was Alden Adams. Congratulations, all!