A new Goose, or a gosling?

While driving south of Cortez recently, my mother pointed something out. It was something shiny, sleek and silver and looked a bit familiar. It was a Galloping Goose. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Galloping Goose No. 8 and it was for sale. After asking around a bit, I was told that this goose is a replica and was never used on the railroad. And it has wheels.

It was apparently built by a man in Dove Creek and ran in the Escalante Days Parade a while back.


We had a very big rain last week. So big, I, for the first time ever, got a emergency broadcast on my phone about flash floods. I wasnít told of any in Dolores, but I was told that a flash flood likely wiped out some small bridges on the beginner mountain bike trail at Philís World outside Cortez. That was a lot of rain!


Hunting season has begun and already Dolores has been filled with hunters. Local merchants welcome this sight.


Speaking of hunters, former Dolores resident Laura Thomas (they recently moved to Ridgway), reported that her husband, Kris, shot an elk in the first hour hunting season opened. Wow!


Susi Sieber reported that she is working on a beer garden and bar for the Rio Grande Southern. She recently was approved for a liquor license and said the garden should be open in a few weeks.


There was a record number of attendees at the Dolores Mountain Quilt Guildís quilt show over the weekend. About 400 people went through the doors of the Dolores Community Center to look at these colorful works of art. Iím told that some of you went more than once too.


The addition to the Teddy Bear Preschool is finished and students are expected to move in next week.


Numbers at the Dolores schools seem to be settling in at around 802, that is about 80 students more than last year. The out-of-district transfer rate seems to be at around 25 to 30 percent in Dolores, that is higher than our closest small district neighbor, Mancos, which hovers around 15 percent.

Dolores schools had to turn away some transfer requests recently because the schools are simply too full.


Watch out for motorcyclists this weekend. Motorcycle rallies in Mancos and elsewhere in the Southwest will see a large number of the two-wheeled vehicles on the local roads.


Also, donít forget about Rico this weekend. The word is that they still plan on setting off fireworks, Saturday, Sept. 1 at dusk.



Aug. 31: M.W. Brunner, Jacque (Riffe) Webb, Bill Fischer, Ramona Medina, Janessa Rose Pogue, Evelyn Simmons, Alex White, Britton Mannis

Happy Anniversary to Al and Jean Rushing.


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Happy Anniversary to Mark & Mischel (Dexel) Dusek, Lenora & Eldon Nelson, Larry & Dorothy Schneider.

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