Are you watching the Republican National Convention? Why or why not?

  • Russell Phillips

    Iím not because Iím on the road working and just too busy.

  • Dick Eaton

    Yes. Iím a Republican. I just find it interesting. I like the speeches. Condoleeza (Rice) knocked it out of the park. I liked Ann Romneyís speech.

  • Kim Ryan

    No because Iím tired of the whole political scene.

  • Jackie Abeln

    No. I donít have a TV and I work all the time.

  • Kimberly Sheek

    I havenít watched it. Iím not a Republican, and I think their agenda it too extreme.

  • Heather Stowe

    No. Iím not in the whole politics (thing). Thereís really no one worth a damn running.