PERA sponsors Town Hall meeting in Cortez

The Montelores branch of the Colorado State Public Employees Association is sponsoring an informational Secure PERA Town Hall meeting with guest speaker Lynea Hansen from the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security. Hansen will discuss why PERA is important to this corner of the state and what individuals can do to help make sure PERA remains fiscally secure.

The association will meet in Cortez on Friday, Sept. 14 at 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the First National Bank, 2258 E. Main St. All are invited to attend. Bring a brown bag lunch; water will be provided.

PERA serves as the qualified retirement plan for public employees across Colorado, including all State of Colorado employees, teachers, judges and some local and county employees. Currently, PERA provides over $3 billion annually in retirement benefits to more than 90,000 PERA retirees across Colorado. In Montezuma County PERA provides a retirement to more than 500 people, totaling over $14 million into Montezuma County’s economy every year. PERA also serves an additional 900 active employees in Montezuma County, according to a written release from the association.

The Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security started a project in 2009 called Secure PERA. The Coalition represent the employees and retirees who have a PERA benefit in making sure PERA remains fiscally secure and continues providing benefits to future generations. On September 14 the Coalition will talk about the work they have done to date with the State Legislature as well as the work they have coming up. They will also walk folks through their interactive tools so they too can help advocate for a secure PERA and help protect this important element of Montezuma County’s economy.

Visit or call (720) 432-9148 to RSVP for the event and to learn more about the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security and about past legislation they have worked on to help keep PERA secure.