Residents reminded to be vigilant about mosquitoes

Colorado Mosquito Control reminds area residents to be vigilant about standing water. The threat of West Nile virus increases when higher-than-average temperatures and monsoon rains become more frequent. It is important for Montezuma District residents to be aware of standing water in and around their yard. Any water that stands for five to 10 days can produce the species of mosquito that is the area’s most competent vector of West Nile virus. District residents are encouraged to empty water out of rain barrels, children’s pools, boats, water troughs or anything that is capable of holding rain water for five days. An average rain barrel that has even 6 inches of standing water is capable of producing multiple broods and thousands of mosquitoes. West Nile virus has historically been found throughout the Montezuma area and people should use precautions when outdoors in the early morning and evening. It is recommended that long sleeve shirts and long pants be worn along with insect repellent containing the active ingredient DEET. Of the 28 different mosquito species identified in the Montezuma District, only three are considered competent transmitters of the virus, and only one of those is common enough to cause concern. Residents with mosquito-related concerns should call Colorado Mosquito Control at 565-9134.