Dolores has many reasons to be proud


I would like to respond to the person who was upset with Dolores for making too much of the Hollywood being burned. That was history — part of the story of our town — good or bad.

She was also upset about people not taking off their hats and putting their hands over their hearts. Those were people who were not taught the value of showing respect to our country and the people who have fought to keep it free — pity them.

I would like to offer you something to be proud about. I happened to be in the Dolores Elementary School on the first day of class last Thursday. The halls were filled to capacity with students in new shoes and backpacks and parents and grandparents with cameras in hand. Some little ones in tears — some parents in tears but there was love all around.

Later in the morning, I was in the teachers’ lounge and I overheard more than one teacher say, “Oh! I just love my class!”

There are many reasons for our schools being so successful — from the principal to the teachers to the support staff to the counselor to the secretary and the nurse. But that alone does not make a good school. It takes families who value education and value their children.

I for one am proud to be part of this community.

P.S. Have you seen the gardens? Beautiful — they are growing their own food to use in the cafeteria!

Mindy Becher