Defeat Tipton, but don’t condemn him


I commend Christopher Isensee for his letter of Aug. 18, and his criticism of Scott Tipton, who voted subsidies for big oil in Washington, but then raised our payroll taxes and voted against clean air and water. He offers Sal Pace as and antidote to the rigid party line which Scott Tipton has blindly followed in Washington. I agree that Sal Pace will represent us better, due to his service in the Colorado State House, and his record for good negiotiating skills.

But I am uneasy when Scott Tipton is condemned as immoral. I disagree with Scott Tipton and the Republicans, but I have a hard time condemning him as immoral, unless I admit that I am immoral too.

I use my education and family resources to improve my childrenís educations and ability to compete in the world; hoping they will benefit.

So how can I condemn the powerful in the Republican Party who are doing the same thing? They reduce taxes on the rich, putting them on us instead, in order to protect their familyís wealth and to increase it. Thatís just logical for the powerful.

Republican governors are restricting voting rights now for minorities and the elderly in order to give the powerful more influence in the November elections. This is the normal behavior of the powerful.

The writer mentioned Jesus in his letter. Jesus went up to Jerusalem to confront the powerful alliance between the Romans and their clients; the Temple Authorities and the Jewish King. The powerful were relentlessly squeezing the life-blood out of the people of Israel, using the authority of Godís Temple to do it. Jesus said that they had converted his temple into a den of thieves. The powerful always do that; just look at Wall Street.

But nobody appointed me as their judge. I just want to beat them in the elections this November, so I invite you to join me in voting for Sal Pace to be our new Congressman in Washington.

Bill Jobin