No more hope and change


I, for one have had enough of the current administration. A fate of four more years would only take our great nation deeper into being more of a socialist nation and closer to a dictator as leader. The signs are all around you, America; wake up! The media under the current administration has become really good at telling the American people that black is white and expecting us to believe it. But this small-town girl doesn’t swallow the deception for a minute. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there are 23.6 million Americans underemployed, 12.8 million unemployed, 2.5 who are no longer looking for employment and 8.2 million who are working part time because full time employment is unavailable.

We’re also being told that our gas prices are down — looks to me that they are on the rise again. And stimulus, what a joke, the CBO states the cost of the bill will add $831 billion to the deficit and the interest will be at least $347 billion. Recently, our president said he was willing to compromise, if he had to do an end run around the Congress to get the job done he would. That statement is only making known that he will do whatever he can to destroy the checks and balances of our nation set out in our Constitution. We send people to Congress to represent us and if they have no say and do not represent us, then why would we pay the $174,000 a year for life that we spend to have our voice represented?

For too long we have stood by as passive citizens and watched our freedoms being taken away and very subtly told how to think. It is time to stand up and speak up. I challenge you to look at the statistics and really think about do you want four more years of the current administration to continue to take us on a downward spiral. Is that what you want for your children and grandchildren? I will pass, no thank you!

Elaine Beecher


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