What a mighty God we have!


Concerning Leigh Waggoner’s column of Aug. 18, where she sets out “a conversation starter,” if God cannot be all powerful and all loving at the same time, he is no better than a rabbit’s foot in your pocket. This small god will not save you nor give answers to those who look to your leadership.

The only way our life-giving God can be the God he claims to be, is if he is all loving as well as all powerful, as well as all knowing, as well as all righteous, as well as all merciful and at the same time very personal, always seeking a closer relationship with each of us even though we have rebelled against him. It is not required that our finite minds understand the infinite. We are only to trust our loving creator.

A person can get “all tied up in knots,” as you say when answering the tough questions in life. Joni Erikson Tada had to work through these questions for herself when at the age of 18 she dove into water too shallow and became paralyzed from the neck down. Joni went through a time of wrestling with God and great anger, but today is a world known Christian speaker and mouth artist. Today she says, “I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I feel privileged.”

Consider God’s pain and anguish while his son was dying on the cross. Our mighty God could have easily kept his son, Jesus from the cross, but our God is holy and calls for us to be holy as well. But we cannot attain holiness of ourselves. It is only by humbly accepting the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.

Consider his pain and anguish for his lost and unrepentant children who have turned their backs on him. He wants nothing less than a personal relationship with you and me and all his children.

Call out to God from the anguish of your heart, trusting his love and his power, giving over your dreams to his perfect dream for your life and eternity.

What a mighty God we have!

Cheryl Holdorf


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