A businessman or a con man


Let’s touch on Medicare. We are already seeing rationing of medicare. Luckily my husband has court ordered private insurance that pays for everything he needs. Those on Medicare, Medicaid, veterans etc will no longer have access to the PSA test for prostate, no more EKG when you go to the cardiologist, this we can attest to, if you’re 76 or older and have cancer no cancer treatment and of course the rationing of oxygen. All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg for rationing.

The Romney/Ryan plan will not affect anyone over 55. Those under 55 will have a choice of regular Medicare — yeah, right, if you’re stupid — or vouchers to purchase their own insurance which will immediately cause insurance to go into competition mode. This always brings down the cost.

One inescapable fact is this: Obama is taking $716 billion from Medicare and moving it to Medicaid to cover Obamacare, and now he’s intending to rob the Social Security trust fund. Of course both programs are already in the red. Such brilliance. Read, research, listen, discuss, debate before you fall for the liberal tricks; then decide who you want to take care of the government for the next four years: a businessman or a con man otherwise known as a community organizer president.

Catherine Spencer


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