Vote for BEST match, kids and community


To those who have written against the proposed BEST grant for the Cortez schools I say, “Shame on you!”

Writing with ramblings that new buildings do not educate children and that “we give (the school district) more money at our peril” are nonsensical hysteria which will lead to us all going down in a vortex of greed and small mindedness. Our best and brightest are leaving the area now because there is no economic future for them here . We all need to “pony up” and invest in the future of our community.

The current school buildings will need to be replaced. Do it now and let the rest of the state pay half the bill. If you think that this small increase in local taxes will inconvenience you, wait 10 years and then pay the entire bill (at inflation prices no less). For those who rail against the state ignoring us and always lavishing money on the Front Range, get smart and “stick it to ‘em” before this money dries up forever. You and I owe it to the kids in our community to provide them the best education that we can.

While “buildings don’t educate,” education cannot be at its best with inadequate facilities. We can all get around town in a 1967 pickup that hasn’t been tuned or had the windshield replaced, but I’ll bet that we don’t. Why limit our children to a1967 AM radio school when the world in which they will need to compete operates with a digital satellite system?

Vote for the BEST grant in November, vote FOR our kids, vote FOR our community.

Jim Skvorc


Via email