Planned Parenthood: more than contraception


Planned Parenthood is so much more than what many people think. Did you know you can go there for an annual check-up? My insurance policy does not cover well-women exams, so Planned Parenthood is where I choose for my annual check-up. The Cortez office offers very good service at a low cost. I never feel rushed and have all my questions answered. They also help to arrange for my annual mammogram.

I am way beyond the age for birth control, so that is not what I go there for. They also can provide other medical screenings as well, such as a blood cholesterol check.

If a woman cannot afford her annual check-up, there is the Cancer Society that can offer help in this area. Check with Planned Parenthood to see if you are eligible. There is no reason for women to miss their annual check-up. It could very well save your life.

Mary O’Brien


Via email