School district hasn’t answered his questions

To the editor:

I find it very disappointing, that the Mill Levy Committee for the second time did not answer my request to specify, what they are planning to do with the requested annual increase of $ 276,000.

The School District should have two plans, for reaching their objectives: One based on the amount of money available now and one contingency plan based on the money available after the requested Mill Levy increase. The difference in the plans would clearly show (with line items and $ amounts) the shortfalls if no additional money would be available and future desired additional spending.

As long as the Mill Levy Committee is unable or unwilling to inform the voters about the specifics of their requested increase, one has to assume, that the number is not based on a solid analysis and planning process - in other words: It might be an arbitrary number.

Respectfully submitted

Eckhard D. Stuart

Via e-mail