Register to vote

November 6 will be a big day. You canít help but notice as political ads have permeated the television and debates have even made their way onto Facebook.

To some, this is a chance to learn. To others, they are a nuisance, but all is for not, if you are not registered to vote

On Nov. 6 we will vote on a multitude of issues, perhaps the biggest will be who will run our country for the next four years.

If you are like most people ó an estimated 10 percent of us are still undecided ó then you know who and how you will vote on that big decision. But locally, you have decisions to make as well.

Will you, for instance, vote to get $2.6 million in BEST grant money so the local school district can build a new science/vocational classrooms and other much-needed rooms at the elementary.

For, some, it is an easy decision, but not a decision worth making unless you are registered to vote.

Please, please, please register to vote.

You have until Oct. 9 to register.

Also keep in mind. There are three school bonds being promoted right now. One is for the Dolores School District. One is for the Mancos School District and the other is for the Montezuma-Cortez School District.

They are not the same. And you only have to vote on one, depending on the district boundary you live in.

Those that attend and live in the Dolores School District boundary do not have to vote or pay taxes on the Cortez or Mancos school bonds.

The excitement leading up to election day is catching, but there can be nothing worse than not being able to participate.

So register. Register now.

On this site, you can register online.

You can also stop by the Montezuma County Elections Department to register or check the status of your registration.