The gosling had a hairy start

It appears there is more to the Galloping Goose No. 8 than meets the eye. Yes, it is an imposter. It never did travel the rails of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad like the seven other engines, but it did have an interesting beginning. Our very own Marlene Hazen called recently to fill me in. She recalled her husband Ken driving over to California with Bob Anderson to get the bus that they ended up building the No. 8 with.

Marlene said it was a miracle the two were able to get that bus over the mountains and back to Colorado.

There was an old Volkswagen seat and a 5-gallon bucket of gasoline involved. Wow.

I wrote about No. 8 last week after seeing it parked in front of an antique store south of Cortez with a for sale sign in the window.


Professional cyclist and Dolores resident Lauren Hall made a splash in European racing this week, when she took home a second-place finish at the Giro Toscana International in Italy. This road cycling race is one of the premier races on the International Womenís race calendar and winds through Tuscany.

This was Hallís last road race for the season and she is planning on returning home to Dolores, where she will stay in Dolores until mid-September when she heads to Carson, CA to prepare for the US Elite Track Nationals on September 27-30. Way to go Lauren!


Ada Setser, 88, gave me a call this week to discuss the Rust Sawmill site. She said she has gone up to that site since we was young and used to collect firewood from the area. She also has a collection of unique pieces of wood she has found from the area that look a bit like sculptures.


Dolores is still buzzing with the activity of hunters. As many stop in town before heading up into the mountains. On man reported an abandoned horse in the Haycamp area, so hunters, be careful out there.


Donít forget about the Harvest Beer Festival on Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Parque de Vida in Cortez from 4 to 9 p.m. Local breweries will be there offering samples of their locally brewed beer. Donít forget to stop and sample some of the beer brewed at our very own Dolores River Brewery.



Sept. 7: Aaron Michael Phelps, Brittany Dawn Wilderson, Kent William Schmidt, Kole Jacob Chadwick, Shelby Jordan Jones, Gerald Perry

Sept. 8: Clyde Goodall, Keenan Lovett, Brock Krestman, Jessie Howe, John McHenry II , Kenneth Beisswanger, Madison Rodriguez

Sept. 9: Mike Tobin, Toni Garcia, Cody Mark Johnson, Ryan Nowlin

Happy Anniversary to Richard & Bobbie Nelson.

Sept. 10: Ruth Ann Deal, Chelsea Laine Branson, Barbara Stock, Jasen Andrew Engel, Jeremiah Torres

Sept. 11: Richard Pettingill, Jimmy Stephens

Happy Anniversary to Paul & Kathy Lee.

Sept. 12: Irene Butler, Denise Carrigan, Micheal Vallejos, Kira Leigh Smith, Gary Quintana, Vernon Perry, Ty Augustus Blackmer

Sept. 13: Andrew & Jerrod Holton, Eric Garchar

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