God is the Greatest

God is the Greatest!

In my humble opinion, God is simply the greatest. You see, I struggled to know God even though He created me in my motherís womb. My life in this world got in the way of my walking close with God. I was no sooner born and my parents divorced. I ended up in foster homes as I began my days on this earth. In my second foster home, I experienced a spiritual encounter with evil spirits. Yes, I actually saw them and heard them and never will I forget that fear. My foster mother, who spoiled me rotten, decided I needed Vacation Bible School. I didnít learn much because I managed to spend all my time in the naughty chair. My brotherís foster parents took me for a week and felt I needed baptized to get the devil out of me! I fought but they got me wet. Did God laugh? I went to live with my newly-married dad and stepmother at age 8 1/2. I went from being an only child to one of six. I wanted to escape and one Sunday, at about age 11, I visited a nice looking church. Inside, it was dark and scary to me and I forgot which way was out and cried until some adult showed me the door. My stepmother decided she would return to the church she had quit and started taking me with her. What a blessing ... a mother/daughter one-on-one event each week. Before eighth grade, I wanted to attend the church school and the pastor went to my house and twisted my dadís arm so I could attend ... no money involved!

It was during that time that I committed my life to Jesus Christ ... after all, He died for my sins and loved me. He still does! I grew up, married, and after three children, got divorced and quit church because I was angry with God and myself. I saw a Buddhist Temple and decided to go there. For 12 years, I worked on following the eight-fold path, got remarried and had another child. And then my marriage was falling apart. I got down on my knees beside my bed and asked God for help. I prayed. I so needed the comfort of Jesus and began church hopping. I learned more about God through many Bible teachings. I reveled in the hunger the Holy Spirit gave me for living for God. I learned over the years that I was a special child of God. I learned I was a lovable and capable person. I learned that I was a positive and creative human being. I learned that the truth would set me free and Jesus was the Way, and the Truth, and the Life!

I felt the power of the Holy Spirit within me and understood that God was all powerful and would, indeed, supply all my needs in accordance with His riches and glory. Even though Iíve seen and lived through tough times during my learning, I also discovered that God could use it for good, if I opened my eyes to see. Even today, I see the almighty hand of God working powerfully through my life lessons to help me to have compassion and forgiveness. I forgive myself for judging myself to be a fool and for being so harsh on myself. And I forgive God when I misunderstand His purposes.

How do I prove God is all and in all? Simply. My faith is the substance of hope and, for me, the evidence of things not seen. I cannot totally comprehend the immensity of God, but I believe God has put His laws in my heart and in my feeble mind enough ó yes, enough ó to know God is holy and mighty and actively omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent in my being and in the world today.

Just sayiní ...

Thank you,

In Jesusí Name, Cindy Irvin

Cindy Irvin is the Director of the Good Samaritan Center in Cortez. Good Samaritan Center is open Monday through Thursday from noon until 2 p.m. and is located at 25 1/2 South Elm, in the alley behind Slavens, P.O. Box 662, Cortez, CO 81321. The phone number is 565-6424.