Like sunlight to vampires


First day of Democratic National Convention over. Ugliness and lies prevailed. Truth to Dems is like sunshine to vampires, to be avoided at all cost. If they ever told what they truly believe and want they would be voted out immediately.

Michelle behaved herself. In other words her natural dislike for this country, our Constitution and conservatives was held at bay but donít count on that lasting. She enjoys the perks and vacations that come with her husbandís job too much. The other speakers used their natural-born ability to attempt to demean, degrade and humiliate those who disagree with them. They donít do this with facts but play on your emotions.

The so-called war on women has fallen flat as the polls are showing Obamaís approval among women is falling like a lead balloon. What do they expect when they attempt to make everything we are and seek revolve around our female organs and abortion? These people need a life coach to teach them reality. Women care about their ability to support their family and see that their childrenís lives are better than the life theyíve had. This has been done by every generation forever. Democrats donít seem to be thinking about their future generations but more about their own lives and the power they can accumulate to make them feel better about themselves now. Straightening out the mess this country has become over the last several decades will require all of us to make sacrifices but it also requires politicians and government make even bigger sacrifices. Demand it!

Please donít be fooled by the passionate rhetoric theyíre famous for. Look for the facts and come to the truth yourself.

Catherine Spencer


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