Are there no honest people left in government?


President Roosevelt wanted to make sure that all people would not have to worry during their “golden years” when he passed legislation for Social Security to be put into a trust fund and invested for our retirement. In order to keep it safe for us, he included language that it could only be used for our retirement at age 65; the above is a known fact.

Congress commenced the stealing of our funds during the Johnson Administration to the tune of $2.5 trillion, filing IOUs at the same time. It seems that our trust funds, which we the people counted on for our golden years are no longer sacred but are up for grabs. Are there no honest people left in our government?

President Obama, can you offer a discussion on this matter? We know that the Social Security program would not be going broke without the thefts of our paid-for retirement funds, as well as Medicare with the many hundreds of dollars deducted from our Social Security monthly payments and the continued Medicare co-payments we also must pay.

Therefore, please see that all of the pilfered funds are returned so that our invested money is there for all of us. Clean up the fraud perpetrated by the Medical Industrial Complex and we will be fine. We are counting on you.

Evelyn Stacer