Low water brings something unexpected: mud

Over the weekend, I took my family, along with some borrowed stand up paddleboards, to McPhee Reservoir. While the experts say that the lake has been lower, once before, it is still shocking to see shoreline that hasnít been seen in nine to ten years. As we drove and drove to the shore, in this case we were near Sagehen, we were excited to get out on the water. But step too close to the water and we sunk to our knees in mud. More times than I can count, I pulled a child from the clutches of the mud and searched and searched for a mud-covered shoe. The kids thought it was hilarious and I did too, until it came time to leave and I pictured these mud-covered creatures inside our vehicle. They needed to wash off, but to do so, we had to wade through mud, an interesting paradox.


Dolores Town Manager Ryan Mahoney reported recently that the Hollywood Bar and Grill, along with Fusion Studios will likely be completely torn down before they are rebuilt. So that wonderful wall we see on the west side of the Hollywood will go too. It is said those rocks were taken off Taylor Mesa sometime around the early 1900s. Mahoney said that the town will store those rocks on their lot outside of town and the owners of the bar will hopefully incorporate them back into the reconstruction.


This weekend is one of my favorite weekends, the weekend of the Apple U-Pick at the Colorado State University Southwestern Colorado Research Station. It is also the same weekend the Milliganís of Lewis open up their honey vaults and sell honey by the pound to those that bring their own containers. What a delicious treat!


I am also told by Rick Goodall that their apples are looking good and will be offered at a very competitive price. They will be available at the Harvest Festival this weekend. Be sure to swing by Flanders Park in Dolores on Saturday and partake in the first Harvest Festival. There will be lots of great things to eat and free rides on the Galloping Goose. This should be loads of fun.


Speaking of apples. No matter where I get them from, I always get too many, always. Do you have any favorite recipes you would like to share? If so, send them to news@doloresstar.com and I will share them with our readers, who also, I am sure, get too many apples when they see this beautiful fruit.


Homecoming is coming up and it is not to be missed. The big day is Sept. 28. Letís hope we have better weather for the parade than we did last year. Last year the rain came down in buckets and then it snowed and the parade was cancelled.



Sept. 14: Janell Elizabeth Garcia, Ronda Uptain

Happy Anniversary to Connie & Jimmy Stephens.

Sept. 15: Mike Leavell, Trevor Wade Welch, Jamie Francisco, Max Montoya, Brett David Mosbarger, Olivia Sage Story Happy Anniversary to Steve & Karen Fuller.

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Sept. 17: Mary Ann Findley, Doug Ragland, Kevin Watson, Leah Biard, Paul Schultz, Jonathan Archibeque-Engle

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