Ice makes first appearance in Rico; fall colors arrive early

Today is a day to remember. We left the car outside in the elements last night and this morning there was ice on the windows. Real ice. The windshield wipers would not move it! Well, thatís the end of another era. The colors are changing ó seemingly early this year ó and archery and black powder season is still in full swing. It seems rather quiet this season although we do know that a young man whom we do not know did harvest a nice-sized black bear recently. Our family of archers and black powder enthusiasts are still out there doing their best. They have seen game, but have not been able to get a clear shot because of trees or distance, etc. You hunters know very well what I am talking about. The harvesting of game is very important to many families because an elk can give a family a winterís worth of meat and the license is not expensive.

My mother used to say that with all that it takes to set up camp, buy groceries, play hostess to your friends from Iowa and Nebraska, use up a box of shells and maybe even buy a new rifle, that it would be cheaper to buy a side of prime beef!

We were down valley this week and the new displays of garden-sized mums and wonderful pumpkins were too beautiful to resist and we came home with some of each. Now we have a pretty new garden at our front door and we donít believe that the freeze caused a problem with the mums. They are very hardy.

We are looking forward to the Rico Historical Society Annual Meeting on September 30th. Our featured speaker, Dr. Bud Davis, is well-known in our world of yesteryear regarding the railroad and mining era.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Womenís Club and Rico Historical Society.

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