Enough pussyfooting around


Is it possible for this president to be any more dense and stupid? Was he born this way or has all the Marxism taught him as a child rendered him senseless? Our ambassador was murdered along with three other Americans and all Obama can do is complain that Romney dared to express his outrage about an apology coming from the embassy in Egypt and then board Air Force One and swan off to a fundraiser in Nevada. I would have thought Obama would have thought it more prudent to stay in D.C. and consult with our intelligence people and try to come up with some answer and action for this horrible act in Libya.

Obama and the rest of the administration reminds me of children in a sandbox where one child thinks heís above everyone else and the rest run around totally out of control. Children in a sandbox still have time to be taught and grow up but Obama and his minions are too far gone to educate them and this country is paying the price.

As far as Iím concerned this problem should be handled one way. Cut off all diplomatic relations, cut off all money and not allow any visas to people from Egypt or Libya and any other countries that think itís proper to act as mindless mobs and attack our embassies. Enough pussyfooting around. They understand one thing and thatís strength and force.

Time for the Mideast to become civilized and look back to 9/11 when no one in this country started a mob to attack Muslims and we lost 3,000 people for heavenís sake. Time for the Mideast to grow up and become a part of the civilized world or they can continue to act as mindless mobs and never be trusted. Their choice and we need to stop coddling them.

Catherine Spencer


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