Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer doing foot patrol at Cortez City Park observed a large group of people sitting near the corner. A couple of the people appeared to be arguing, and the officer recognized most of the group. He saw a woman standing up to one of the men arguing with him toe to toe. A young woman stood up, pushed the man, and tried to knock his ball-cap off. The officer walked toward the group to contact them, and just before he got there, they sat down, and the young woman picked up a bottle without a cap that appeared to be vodka and passed it to one of the men. The man took a drink from it and tossed the bottle a few feet away from where the group was sitting. The officer told the young woman and the man that they would be issued citations for drinking in the park. The young woman gave the officer a false name, and after she provided her Social Security number, dispatch was able to identify her as a New Mexico resident. When asked why she had not provided her real last name, she said that she doesn’t use her real last name anymore because it was a horrible name given to her by her aunt who used to beat her.


cortez colorado An officer responded to a location after an off-duty officer notified dispatch that a male subject with two active felony warrants for his arrest was there. Dispatch advised that the subject had just walked into a liquor store. The officer arrived and saw the subject walking through the parking lot of the business, and at the same time, three other officers also arrived at the location. The officer parked his patrol vehicle directly across the subject’s path of travel, and other officers blocked him in. One officer had his Taser out and was yelling verbal commands for the subject to take his hands out of his pockets. The subject refused to remove his right hand from his pocket at first, but eventually obeyed, and was taken into custody. After he was handcuffed, the subject’s pockets were searched, and officers found a 5 1/2 inch silver knife with a black grip in his right front pants pocket. The subject also smelled of alcohol, and dispatch advised that he was on pre-trial release and bond conditions stating that he could not possess weapons or consume any alcohol or drugs. He was served felony warrants for assault and for failure to appear. He was placed under felony hold for violation of bail bond conditions. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado An officer observed a vehicle driving westbound on the one-way eastbound street at 4th St. and S. Ash at 11:42 p.m. He contacted the driver who identified himself with a New Mexico ID card, and the officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the interior of the car. The driver had several other physical indicators of intoxication and when asked how much he had had to drink, counted “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 — 5 beers” that he had at the Harvest Fest. The driver declined to take a portable breath test, saying he “would just fail it.” Dispatch advised that his license came back as revoked in New Mexico. He was issued summons for DUI, no valid license, no proof of insurance, and driving the wrong way down a one-way street. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado An officer was traveling north on S. Broadway when he observed three males in the roadway in the southbound lanes. One of the males fell down in the center median and appeared to be intoxicated. When the officer turned around and contacted them in the parking lot of Sonic Drive-in, one of the males took off running, going over a fence and running eastbound. The other two males were told to stay in front of the patrol car as the officer went to look for the runner, who continued to run. He went over another fence and started running back westbound, crossing Broadway a second time. The other two males were told to go home, and they left. The man was located by another officer west of the intersection of 4th and Broadway, and was with the two other males who were let go. One of the males was being uncooperative, and he was taken into custody for underage drinking. The officer asked the subject who had taken flight why he ran, and the subject said it was just the natural thing to do. He was asked where his other shoe was, and said it fell off when he was jumping the fence. He also smelled of alcohol and was taken into custody and charged with intoxicated pedestrian in the roadway.


cortez colorado Two officers responded to a residence after being sent to pick up a woman there with an active warrant. One officer went to the rear door of the residence and knocked on the door, and observed the woman inside look at him and then walk fast toward the front door. The other officer waiting at the front door advised the officer at the back door that she was in contact with the woman and had her handcuffed and in custody. She was transported to the jail.

Ÿ An officer was dispatched to a tire retailer in Cortez in reference to a theft. An employee advised that sometime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. the previous day, someone had stolen a black X-Box 360 play station from the store. The gaming system had been placed next to the TV in the waiting lounge for the use of customers.