It’s time to take a stand for God


Two articles on Yahoo were entitled ďWill science someday rule out the possibility of God?Ē and ďGod had a wife.Ē The articles werenít as disconcerting to me as the comments posted afterwards. There were so many people who made fun of God, made fun of believers, or just didnít care one way or another. In the comments I read, not one Christian stood up with a comment.

If you believe in God, itís time to take a stand. Jesus said, ďIf you deny me before men, then I will deny you before my father.Ē We, as Christians, have a big responsibility to ourselves, our families and those we meet. Many say we are hypocrites. Well, Christians are not perfect, just forgiven. We donít have all the answers, but the Bible does. We need God and we need to get back to God.

If you believe this, go to a church that preaches Godís word, read the Bible, learn. You wonít get all the answers right away, but you will get answers. If you donít believe in God, think long and hard about that decision and talk to someone to learn who God is and what he wants for your life.

We are putting God behind our work, our families and making excuses. Itís time we put him first. After all, look at all he did for us.

Jo Shane

Pleasant View