Let’s keep things clean

Residents of Dolores are fed up.

They are sick and tired of people leaving trash near the river.

In fact, some are so fed up, they went to the Dolores Town Board recently and complained. The town has done a few things to handle complaints, a trash can and a Port-a-pottie were added to the river access on Riverside Avenue and 8th Street.

But it wasn’t enough.

The town also needs to add this area to its regular maintenance check, just like this area is a park.

The area has always been popular. But improved access and more parking added to the area recently has drawn even more people in, that in addition to low water and a great river swimming year.

The area has always been popular, especially Big Rock.

But its popularity has left something very unappealing — trash.

If the town spends too much money on picking up trash, if the neighbors keep complaining, well, we might just lose our access.

This is not fair. Think before you use this area, treat it and the neighbors with respect and always leave it in better condition than how you found it. That means, pack out everything you take in and pick up some other trash as well. If everyone did this, well, then there wouldn’t be any complaints.

And for those of you that don’t believe in common courtesy, you do need to know that the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Department has put this area on a hot list and they will give out tickets to those that don’t follow the law.