3C will help improve students’ educational opportunities

Dear Editor:

Dolores RE4A School District has been awarded a $2.62 million BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) Grant. This money comes from the State School Trust Lands fund (think oil and gas lease and production) not you the taxpayer.

To receive this grant the school must match these funds by passing bond initiative 3C. Passage of this 20-year bond at a low 4 percent interest rate will allow the school to receive this money.

A new science and vocation agriculture building will provide Dolores students with the facilities and equipment that will improve their educational opportunities and prepare them to move on to college and top notch jobs.

New classrooms and safe environment for elementary students will connect the Elementary building to the library, computer lab and cafeteria. Locker rooms will be remodeled to bring them up to safety and health codes. This will provide separate locker rooms for the middle school and high school students. Visiting teams will have a place to change instead of using the library.

Dolores was named in the top 10 percent of Colorado schools for academic performance. Passage of 3C will allow Dolores RE4A District to grow and continue to graduate students ready for the challenge of the 21st century.

Healthy schools are a vital part of our community and bring business in to the community. Thank-you for voting for this bond. We have more information at the Ponderosa Restaurant if you would like to stop by and discuss the bond with us.


Deanna and Val Truelsen