3B: Demonstrate that we value education


I’ve finally found an excuse to break my self-imposed rule of never writing to the editor: that of the rationale behind the need for a new high school at this time.

By continually voting down bond issues, our young people sense that education is de-valued in this community and that is reflected in their attitude about school. This is naturally reflected in their attendance and achievement.

It is time to prove to students that they are wrong! Most of us do place a high value on education and can provide it by our willingness to “pay it forward” with a “yes” vote on 3B on Nov. 6.

Of course there are many students who do exceptionally well in spite of the learning environment provided, but imagine what they might have achieved in an ideal situation! And also, of course, there are other pressing issues needing to be addressed, but for now, it is both reasonable and imperative that we begin where the greatest need lies, that of building a new high school. The matching funds awarded by the BEST grant can only be used at this time.

The small investment made through your property tax gives you the right to expect students to respond with better achievement and performance. By our actions, these “young whippersnappers” will know we have faith in them.

Please join me and my husband, Bob (both of whom are retired teachers), in voting “yes” on 3B on Nov. 6 and demonstrate that we are a community who values their young people and their education.

Ann Gray