NAP closing dates for fall seeded crops approaches

Montezuma County Farm Service Agency is currently accepting applications for 2013 Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP) coverage for fall seeded crops.

In order to be eligible for disaster assistance programs, producers are required to timely purchase, at a minimum, catastrophic coverage for all insurable crops and/or NAP coverage for all non-insurable crops on their farm.

The crop purchase deadline dates for Montezuma County is Sunday, Sept. 30 for Barley (forage) and Wheat (forage); and Saturday, Dec. 1 for Alfalfa (forage), Mixed Forage (two or more varieties for forage or grazing), Grass (forage, seed or graze), Native (grazing) and Honey (table).

NAP coverage for 2013 is $250 per crop, but no more than $750 per producer per county, or not more than a total of $2,250 per producer for all counties.

Payment for coverage and signature requirements must be received by the sales closing date of the applicable crop to be insured. Late filed applications for coverage will not be accepted. Producers may visit the office to apply for coverage at 628 W. 5th St., Cortez. For more information, call Montezuma County FSA at 565-8879.