Greed breeds greed; power breeds corruption


I have been reading in the paper that the district attorney and the sheriff want budget increases and the school district wants a new high school. Itís like a Christmas list from a little kid. Well, folks, Santa has left the room.

The private sector knows in these times you must do more, more, more, for less. When the government learns this theory, they will have a surplus instead of a need for a budget increase.

Scranton, Pa., just recently ordered all of their employees to work for minimum wage or move on. The people who chose to stay will be rewarded when the economy recovers. Those who chose to move on went to work at the Walmart store so they are no better off than anyone else.

The message here is that you must give a little now and much will be given back to you later. I am as guilty as the next person. I want a one-bedroom house with a little yard and a new Dodge Durango in my driveway. The difference between me and my government-employed neighbors is I know that in due time, everyone gets their just reward in this life and in the afterlife. We also will receive our just reward.

Be happy with what you have been given now. If you are not, you will lose it all. I know this from personal experience. Greed breeds greed and power breeds corruption.

Just remember this and live your life. God says it is easier for a poor man to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, so keep stacking up your piles of gold and silver, and I will be at hellís doorway waiting for you with your just reward, a shiny new coal shovel.

Louis Szabo