Local author has book talk at library

An interview with local author Sharlene E. Nusser, who will have a book talk and signing on Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. at Mancos Public Library —

The first thing you notice about Sharlene is her 100 watt smile. She radiates! Her first book published is “Burn Valley Vengeance”, out in July 2012, is set in the Burn Valley of Western Montrose County, and has some of the same local charm as James Doss’s novels.

“An unusual spree of crimes is plaguing the country roads and canyons of Burn Valley in western Montrose County, Colo. Deputy Preston Rayburn suspects they might be related but he doesn’t know how. But all that takes a backseat in his mind the night he comes upon the accident at the intersection of County Roads 141 & 145. Inside one of the vehicles gravely injured is Carrie Reynolds, the secret love of his life.”

Sharlene lives just down the road a piece in Nucla. She is a mom, seamstress, writer and quilter who has a life long love of libraries. When she talks about her childhood, she says libraries, books and writing were very important to her.

The story moves quickly and the description of landscape is vivid and detailed and interwoven with quilting references.

Q: Sharlene, did you always intend to be an author?

A: Yes! I have written for as long as I can remember. I always went around with a pen and notebook in my hand.

Q: What inspired you to write Burn Valley Vengeance?

A: It is a way I have processed my own life. I use parts of my life in the stories when I write; I very much wanted to be a police officer. While accepted into the Academy, I chose family and motherhood over that career. I have a great respect and admiration for law enforcement, particularly Colorado State Patrol. I don’t think that the average citizen realized how much they do for us.

Q: How do you write and do you write every day?

A: Yes I do write every day. I use a notebook with a blue cover or one with a horse on it and a purple pen, always a purple pen. I write anywhere and anytime. I always think that the thought travels from my brain, down my neck, to my arm, through my fingers to the pen and finally the paper.

Q: Do you have any “rituals” around your writing?

A: My purple pen and notebook and I always write for an hour or so before bed at night.

Q: Did you learn anything surprising while writing your book?

A: Yes, as I rode along with CSP it provided me with a whole new respect for what they see and what they do.

Q: What would you say your “style” was?

A: Romantic. I write romantic mysteries with action and humor. I am a hopeless romantic.

Q: What authors have most inspired you or do you enjoy reading?

A: Stephen King in his earlier works is a favorite. I enjoy Chiaverini, of course she writes quilt mysteries! Patterson, Wilbur Smith and Tami Hoag are other favorites.

Q: What has been challenging or difficult for you writing your book?

A: Balancing family and writing is difficult. Also, I lost my dad. He was my biggest fan. He read all my work and we used to scheme and plan for what we would do when I got published. He has really been my greatest inspiration and motivation. I made him a special quilt that he always kept near him. Whenever my mom would take it to wash it he would get grumpy and ask where it was. I have found MPL inspiring and am creating a similar quilt for them as a donation to show my appreciation. Dad was a phenomenal man; he was a cow hand, a coal miner, member of the Fire Department and served in local government, he was my hero and I loved him. I miss him terribly but still find him an inspiration.

Q: In conclusion, what do you want your readers to know?

A: How important the support of friends and fans is. I have a very successful fan base and I am so grateful. Check out Amazon where “Burn Valley Vengeance” has a five star rating! That is a successful fan base.