Police Blotter


cortez colorado Dispatch advised officers that Sheriff’s Department deputies were currently at a disturbance at a local trailer court and that persons involved had left in a vehicle; a deputy requested that the vehicle be stopped for investigation of a restraining order violation. The officer located the vehicle heading west on E. Main St. and pulled it over. The driver was identified with her Utah driver’s license, and smelled strongly of alcohol. The officer observed two other adults in the vehicle, as well as a four-year-old child in a car seat in the back seat. The two adult passengers, who had also been drinking, were the parents of the child, and the driver was the child’s aunt. The adult passengers were arrested for child abuse and transported to jail. The officer observed an open case of beer and an empty beer bottle on the floorboard under one of the passenger’s legs. The female driver attempted to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers; the officer had to support her to keep her from falling, and the maneuvers were stopped for her own safety. She was arrested for DUI and child abuse and transported to the jail. Her license was also revoked. Social Services was called and came and took custody of the child.

cortez colorado An officer responded to Walmart for a report of a cold theft. An employee notified loss prevention that a customer threw a computer over the fence in the garden center. A male was observed on security video footage as he selected a desktop computer, passed all points of sale, and entered the gated section of the garden center and threw the computer over the fence. The footage then shows a female exit a silver newer model Monte Carlo, which was parked on the other side of the fence, pick the computer up and put it in the car. The video shows the woman get back into the car, and driver to Row 8 where she parks the car and then goes inside the store. The male and female then walk out of the store together. The video was taken into evidence. The computer stolen was an HP all-in-one desktop computer, black in color, and valued at $498.

cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a neighborhood in reference to a report of a male that was in the street screaming and yelling. The officer arrived and observed a male screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. The officer could not understand anything the male was saying, and believed the subject was on some type of narcotic. When the officer attempted to detain him, the man pulled his arm away and began to run, yelling as he ran. The officer pursued him on foot caught up with him about half a block away, taking him to the ground. The subject fought with the officer, and another officer assisted. Tasers had no effect on the subject. A third officer arrived to help and the subject was finally handcuffed. While the man was screaming and yelling, he admitted to using methamphetamines. After a struggle, the man was placed into the back seat of a patrol vehicle and transported to the hospital. He continued to resist commands and had to be carried in to the ER. After being medically cleared, he was transported to the jail, where it took three detention officers to get the man into a cell. He was charged with resisting arrest, protection order violation, and disorderly conduct. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a location to speak with someone regarding harassment. He met with the man and his job supervisor. The man said that he had been performing his regular job around the exterior of the building where he worked, and when he was in the alley the subject, who is also an employee at the same location, pulled up in his vehicle and pointed a black, semi-automatic handgun at him. The reporting party’s speech was loud and he was visibly upset as he stated that he thought that the man was going to shoot him, and immediately thought about his family and who would take care of them if he was gone. He yelled at the subject, who told him to “shut the (expletive) up, the safety is on,” and then drove away. The subject was contacted by their supervisor about the incident, and told him it was “no big deal, the safety was on.” He was informed that the supervisor would have to report the workplace incident. An administrative employee spoke with the officer and told him that the employee would be terminated due to the incident, but they did not have a physical address for the employee and the phone number they had for him was disconnected. He was scheduled to be at work later that day. The officer was unable to locate the subject after going to his residence three different times, and contacted him when he showed up to work. The subject said that he didn’t have the handgun on him. After the subject signed termination paperwork and received his paycheck, he was escorted out. He admitted having the gun and pointing it at the other employee because he just wanted to show it to him since he had just purchased it. He claimed that the reporting party was a “drama king” and was always complaining about something. When told that he had believed the subject was going to shoot him and why would he have thought that, the subject said that he could have thought it due to the way he pointed the gun at him. The subject was arrested and issued a felony hold for menacing and was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado An officer in a marked patrol car heading north on S. Broadway passed a vehicle heading the opposite direction and recognized the female driver from previous contacts. The vehicle pulled into Sonic Drive-In, went through the drive-through, then left northbound on S. Broadway. The officer followed the vehicle while dispatch checked the license status of the driver, and was advised that the driver’s license came back as revoked. The officer activated his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over near CR G and Hwy. 160. The woman told the officer that she knew that her license was revoked but she just wanted to come to town to get some food. The woman was arrested and taken into custody. Since no one in the vehicle had a valid driver’s license, the woman’s niece was called to pick up the vehicle.

cortez colorado An officer on patrol drove past a trailer in a mobile home park, and from the roadway, could see into a small fenced in area that serves as a yard. The officer could see that the area was littered with dog droppings, and there were also two piles of droppings approximately 18 inches in diameter that had been raked into piles. The officer knocked on the door, but the owner was not home, so the officer took photos of the yard for evidence. The officer returned later and spoke with the female owner, and noted that there were two young men cleaning up the droppings. The woman told the officer that she had not had time to clean up her yard. The woman was issued a citation for issues regarding maintenance of animal’s yard. The officer had previously contacted the subject for the same issue in the past and she had been issued a violation for the situation, and additionally had been contacted another time when the condition of her yard became unwholesome living conditions for a pet.