Where are the articles about ancient people?


I have been a research scientist for 50 years. I have co-authored 10 scientific research articles that have been published in the scientific literature. I am not a physiologist, but my article, “Respiration measurements in mice,” was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 1960. This journal is a prestigious medical journal. I am not a toxicologist, but my article, “Influence of environmental temperature on the toxicity of oxygen,” was published in Aerospace Med in 1964. I am not a biochemist, but my article, “Threshold levels of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose for the hypoglycemic response: dog and goat compared,” was published in Life Science in 1977. I have copies of the original articles. I was only a small part of these articles. I had a lot of help from those with knowledge and the degree.

Archaeologists have a very narrow focus in all their articles. Colorado Archaeology is the journal of the Archaeology Society, published four times a year. This spring issue of the journal has 18 articles. Seen articles are archaeologists “tootin’ the horn” of other archaeologists. The other 11 articles are about ruins in relation to the environment. Where are the articles about these ancient people or relations with people to people? How did these people live with other people? I have had thoughts for two possible projects that have not gotten consideration. I, of course, could use help.

Harry Hance