Vote yes on 3C and register to vote before Oct. 9

Dear Editor:

If you had an opportunity to receive almost half the cost of reconstructing portions of your home, wouldn’t you accept that offer? With the passage of Referendum 3C the Dolores School District is faced with this very opportunity to receive almost half the cost of reconstructing much needed portions of the elementary, middle and high school(s). If 3C is passed, the district will receive $2.62 million from the BEST grant program (BEST is funded primarily from revenue derived from leases of State School Trust Lands throughout Colorado). This project would provide much needed storage and two new classrooms at the elementary school; it would address safety and storm-water drainage issues by connecting the elementary to the Common’s Area; it would provide almost eight new classrooms in the middle/high school; construct a new science classroom & lab; and it would remodel the boys and girls locker rooms. This project is a great buy and overall good investment for our students of Dolores. Please vote ‘yes’ on 3C! If you are not registered, you have until October 9th; it’s easy to do online at:

Penny Wu