Fun Run during perfect autumn weather a big success in Rico

We have enjoyed 14 straight days of perfect autumn weather. It is the general consensus of opinion that the color change this year is more outstanding than anyone can remember! Bemis is solid gold, the peaks are brilliant up to the very tippy-top, obscured by the first coat of snow we received last Monday night. Most of it has melted, but it looks like there is a storm coming over the top of Expectation as we speak! It was 30 degrees Wednesday morning with frost on the grass — eek!

Last weekend was a fun one. The Fun Run sponsored by the elementary school teachers, with hosts of supporters helping, was the best. There were fifty runners, with about a dozen of them little bitty students who lead the race for a moment! And, when they returned, running ahead of their parents, they made a mad dash to the finish line. First place winner: Cindy Putnum — 15 min., 31 seconds; 2nd place: Lydia Hagan, sixth grade — 16 min., 26 seconds; 3rd place: Eric Cummings, sixth grade — 18 min., 38 seconds. Fine looking medallions on red, white and blue ribbons were presented to the winners. I am thinking that everyone received a medal for entering the competition; not sure about that, though. We thank all the friends who bought T-shirts in support of the ways-n-means project for the ski program, etc.

Duane Holt, our super-good-guy who keeps us in the know about the precipitation and conditions with his equipment, just has to be our Nice Person-of-the-Week winner this week. He never fails to be ready with his figures each time I call him! He is unofficial, of course, but those who need to know what our figures are up here may be grateful for the numbers. We do not have an official weather person in Rico at this time. In fact, it has been several years since we last had an official observer on payroll.

Rico Women’s Club held their Chili Cook-off last Sunday at the park. This is an annual affair and we think that this year was the best so far. Great turn-out! Lots of condiments and all that goes with the get-together. The winner of the Best Green Chili category is Rico-ite Lynn Lang; she says “finally!” The winner of the Best Red Chili is Deana Youngblood-Ireland. Both were awarded the traveling trophies that are highly revered. Congratulations! The competition was pretty tough!

Rico Women’s Club met for their regular meeting last week at the home of Florence Ezell. President Erin Johnson announced that she must resign before the end of her term. We thank her for all she accomplished with the Club. She was inspiring! Mike Lesem has our kiosk at the Post Office repaired and set up on sturdy legs. The wind late spring was so strong that it blew the kiosk over. A big thank you to Mike.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women’s Club and Rico Historical Society.

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