What do you think about the NFL replacement refs?

  • Robert Cooper

    Towaoc case worker They knew they were replacement refs from the beginning so they knew what they were getting. Everybody is human and they make mistakes. Unfortunately, itís the NFL.

  • Troylene Torres

    Ute Coffee Shop cook I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for anybody who gets thrown into the middle of something like that.

  • Mike Cheney

    welder It takes a lot of experience to do that, and they just need more experience.

  • Joe Hancock

    farmer Itís entertaining to watch. You really canít complain; it never comes down to one call. Theyíre just looking for excuses. Watch a game and you see lots of mistakes. I donít think the refs are asking for too much with pay and benefits.

  • Tess Montano

    Pepperhead owner Theyíve been put between a rock and a hard place. Considering how much the players and owners make and how much we, the fans, pay, they could be working harder to solve the dispute.

  • Don Depweg

    retired I happened to watch that game and when it was over, we were just dumbfounded. They know they made the wrong call, but the NFL is going to stick with it. Itís going to be interesting, the first bad call for the regular refs.