3B: Economic development follows investment


Good schools come first!Economic development then follows the investment in a community.

Iíve lived in a variety of communities: Durango, Aurora, Kissimmee and Gainesville, Fla.; Austin and Plano, Texas; Johnson City, Tenn.; Raleigh ó all that have enjoyed strong economic development after the communities committed first to well-funded schools.Good schools were the No. 1 priority.

Half price!Construction costs and interest rates are lower than ever.Now is the time to fund new facilities instead of spending money on remodeling or waiting for costs to rise.We can achieve a new emphasis on education by paying only 50 percent for a new high school facility that will elicit renewed community pride and provide collaborative environments that enhance learning.In todayís work world, employees are required to be cross-trained and to collaborate on continuing projects.Training our students to work with each other and with international workers will create a new norm for our students. Our community must provide our students a stimulating learning environment: one without visible electrical cords and pipes, one that is climate controlled and one that promotes pride and better student scores and attendance.

Montezuma County, show you are worthy and willing to support the bond issues of Cortez and Dolores on the November ballot with safety and appropriate learning environments.Believe in your community.Vote YES on 3B.www.mchsbond.com.

Jodi Foran


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