3B: Re-1 needs to find ways to save


The school district is back again wanting a tax increase. Apparently, they think we are all sitting on mattresses full of money, too greedy to share it. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The truth is that the economy is so bad that most people are just barely getting by. We have all had to make changes in the way we live. The school district is no different. They need to look for more ways to reduce spending. The board needs to reduce administratorsí salaries and eliminate a few directors. If the district had not squandered so much money in the past, they might have had the funds to build new schools now.

It is no secret that this district is top-heavy with administrators. Calculate what the district has paid for administration costs over the past decade and you would find that they would have had a considerable sum to pay toward a new building. Consider that before you vote. District Re-1 has paid the superintendent a salary of $10,000 per month for years. In addition, there are also an academic director, an athletic director, a personnel director, a transportation director, a business manager and others receiving approximately $6,000 per month. Such administrative costs are excessive!

The school buildings did not deteriorate overnight. This took years. Why was money not set back each year to prepare for the time when remodeling or rebuilding became necessary? It would appear that the school board and superintendents failed in their responsibility to the citizens and students of Cortez!

If the tax dollars provided to the school district had been used wisely over the past decade, it would be much easier to vote in favor of a bond increase today. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Show us that you are making the best use of the tax dollars we have already given; then you can ask for more money.

Bill Foote