3B: Actions speak louder than words


I am going to vote “yes” on 3B! I can’t think of any better investment in Cortez’s future than to say, yes, we want our children to have a safe place to attend school and a school that will better meet their needs for future employment.

I took a tour of the current high school. Of course, the teachers and students could survive in the current building, but there are real safety concerns — asbestos, mercury, lack of security because of the number of doors. There has been a lot of progress in fire safety, electrical codes, heating and cooling since the current building was completed in 1967.

Community surveys found that a huge percentage of our citizens believe in education. But actions speak louder than words. Let’s show our children that we mean it when we say we believe in education and vote “yes” for 3B. When half the cost of a new facility is covered by the BEST grant, now is the time to get double our money’s worth.

Roxanne Rogers


Via CortezJournal.com